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"If your organization is considering utilizing an IT vendor, I would strongly encourage you to use
The National Education Association

"The project was a success due to their vast knowledge, their work ethic, and the great personalities they have."

"Accu-Networks has worked very closely with us, to give our company its greatest technical potential."
Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione & Quinn, P.C.

"Accu-Networks has put all the pieces of my puzzle together and are there 24/7 when we need them."
The Law Offices
of Timothy J. O'Connor

"We're grateful for their expertise, diligence, and efficiency."
Adam Ross Cut Stone

"They respond quickly and understand our needs." Whispering Pines Preschool

"Accu-Networks has consistently quoted and invoiced their exceptional services at a very fair price." The East Greenbush
Public Library

"Accu-Networks has gone above and beyond many times to keep us up and running!!! They respond to our needs immediately and fix whatever needs fixing...even if it is after hours, weekends, or holidays. Sometimes they are aware of our problems before we are! We have never had an IT problem they couldn’t fix!"
The Albany County
Bar Association

"Accu-Networks has been a life saver for us. We have used them several times and they consistently provide great IT knowledge and wonderful customer service at very good prices."
House of Praise Ministries

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About Us

Our Company

Accu-Networks is the trade name of Arissa LLC, an Albany based organization founded by Jeff Clesceri in April 2006. Accu-Networks is a full-service IT consulting firm focused on providing high quality consulting assistance and technical support.

Our client base is primarily comprised of small-to-medium businesses such as private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies located in the Greater Capital District.

Our Story

Jeff Clesceri is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, holding a Bachelor of Science cum laude. Jeff's professional career began with a local consultancy where he was employed as a network engineer for several years, learning the industry from the ground up. Over these years, Jeff built a professional network of engineers and consultants who share a common vision of how an IT consultancy should conduct business. Accu-Networks is the culmination of that vision.

Since its inception, Accu-Networks has assisted a variety of companies and organizations in the evaluation and application of technology with regard to their critical business processes. We enjoy collaborating with our fellow small business owners to help find the right balance of practicality and technological complexity, with due attention to the all-important bottom line.



Accu-Networks is proud to announce our partnership with Labtech Software!

LabTech is a unique tool, the only remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution designed from the perspective of system engineers with real experience in the services industry who are well aware that limited resources have to meet ever-increasing demands.

New PowerShell-based Backdoor Found in Turkey, Strikingly Similar to MuddyWater Tools

MuddyWater is a well-known threat actor group that has been active since 2017. They have regularly targeted various organizations in Middle East and Central Asia, primarily using spear phishing emails with malicious attachments. We recently observed a few interesting delivery documents with similarities to the known MuddyWater tools, techniques and procedures.

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Posted on 30 November 2018 | 3:42 am

Water and Energy Sectors Through the Lens of the Cybercriminal Underground

In our research Exposed and Vulnerable Critical Infrastructure: Water and Energy Industries, we not only found exposed industrial control system (ICS) human machine interfaces (HMIs) but also pointed out how these systems were at risk. This risk is corroborated by the active interest in water and energy ICSs shown by different kinds of cybercriminal groups.

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Posted on 29 November 2018 | 5:58 am

Proofs of Concept Abusing PowerShell Core: Caveats and Best Practices

We explored possible strategies attackers can employ when abusing PowerShell Core. These proofs of concept (PoCs) would help in better understanding — and in turn, detecting and preventing — the common routines and behaviors of possible and future threats that attackers might use. The PoCs we developed using PowerShell Core were conducted on Windows, Linux, and mac OSs. Most of the techniques we applied can be seen from previous threats involving PowerShell-based functionalities, such as the fileless KOVTER and POWMET. The scenarios in our PoCs are also based on the PowerShell function they use.

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Posted on 29 November 2018 | 12:54 am