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"If your organization is considering utilizing an IT vendor, I would strongly encourage you to use
The National Education Association

"The project was a success due to their vast knowledge, their work ethic, and the great personalities they have."

"Accu-Networks has worked very closely with us, to give our company its greatest technical potential."
Buckley, Mendleson, Criscione & Quinn, P.C.

"Accu-Networks has put all the pieces of my puzzle together and are there 24/7 when we need them."
The Law Offices
of Timothy J. O'Connor

"We're grateful for their expertise, diligence, and efficiency."
Adam Ross Cut Stone

"They respond quickly and understand our needs." Whispering Pines Preschool

"Accu-Networks has consistently quoted and invoiced their exceptional services at a very fair price." The East Greenbush
Public Library

"Accu-Networks has gone above and beyond many times to keep us up and running!!! They respond to our needs immediately and fix whatever needs fixing...even if it is after hours, weekends, or holidays. Sometimes they are aware of our problems before we are! We have never had an IT problem they couldn’t fix!"
The Albany County
Bar Association

"Accu-Networks has been a life saver for us. We have used them several times and they consistently provide great IT knowledge and wonderful customer service at very good prices."
House of Praise Ministries

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About Us

Our Company

Accu-Networks is the trade name of Arissa LLC, an Albany based organization founded by Jeff Clesceri in April 2006. Accu-Networks is a full-service IT consulting firm focused on providing high quality consulting assistance and technical support.

Our client base is primarily comprised of small-to-medium businesses such as private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies located in the Greater Capital District.

Our Story

Jeff Clesceri is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, holding a Bachelor of Science cum laude. Jeff's professional career began with a local consultancy where he was employed as a network engineer for several years, learning the industry from the ground up. Over these years, Jeff built a professional network of engineers and consultants who share a common vision of how an IT consultancy should conduct business. Accu-Networks is the culmination of that vision.

Since its inception, Accu-Networks has assisted a variety of companies and organizations in the evaluation and application of technology with regard to their critical business processes. We enjoy collaborating with our fellow small business owners to help find the right balance of practicality and technological complexity, with due attention to the all-important bottom line.



Accu-Networks is proud to announce our partnership with Labtech Software!

LabTech is a unique tool, the only remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution designed from the perspective of system engineers with real experience in the services industry who are well aware that limited resources have to meet ever-increasing demands.

December Patch Tuesday: Yearender Includes Updates for MMPE Vulnerabilities

It was a relatively low-key year-ender for Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, as the company’s monthly release of updates was relatively light in terms of noteworthy vulnerabilities. With that said, there were still a few notable vulnerabilities that were addressed.

Post from: Trendlabs Security Intelligence Blog - by Trend Micro

December Patch Tuesday: Yearender Includes Updates for MMPE Vulnerabilities

Posted on 13 December 2017 | 2:56 am

Untangling the Patchwork Cyberespionage Group

Patchwork (also known as Dropping Elephant) is a cyberespionage group known for targeting diplomatic and government agencies that has since added businesses to their list of targets. Patchwork’s moniker is from its notoriety for rehashing off-the-rack tools and malware for its own campaigns. The attack vectors they use may not be groundbreaking—what with other groups exploiting zero-days or adjusting their tactics—but the group's repertoire of infection vectors and payloads makes them a credible threat.

We trailed Patchwork’s activities over the course of its campaigns in 2017. The diversity of their methods is notable—from the social engineering hooks, attack chains, and backdoors they deployed. They’ve also joined the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Windows Script Component (SCT) abuse bandwagons and started exploiting recently reported vulnerabilities. These imply they’re at least keeping an eye on other threats and security flaws that they can repurpose for their own ends. Also of note are its attempts to be more cautious and efficient in their operations.

Post from: Trendlabs Security Intelligence Blog - by Trend Micro

Untangling the Patchwork Cyberespionage Group

Posted on 11 December 2017 | 5:00 am

CONFICKER/ DOWNAD 9 Years After: Examining its Impact on Legacy Systems

Despite being nearly a decade old, and years past its peak, DOWNAD, also known as CONFICKER, has not gone away. 9 years to the month after its first discovery, we take a look at the numbers to see where DOWNAD is today, and why it is still one of the world’s most prevalent malware.

Post from: Trendlabs Security Intelligence Blog - by Trend Micro

CONFICKER/ DOWNAD 9 Years After: Examining its Impact on Legacy Systems

Posted on 7 December 2017 | 5:00 am